Dr. Geetika Rastogi, DMD

Dr. Geetika Rastogi has obtained her Doctorate from Tufts University, School of Dental Medicine at Boston with Dean’s Merit Scholarships and high Honors. Dr. Rastogi is also a member of the prestigious OKU National Dental Honor Society, which reflects her exemplary traits of character and dedication to the profession. She continues to develop new skills and is eager to contribute her generous services to the society of today.

Dr. Rastogi enjoys traveling, listening to music and spending time with her husband and two sons. She is very patient and skillful with her hands that is appreciated by her patients.

Dr. Klaus Radtke

Dr. Klaus J. Radtke, DDS is an independent contractor who has been serving as a general practitioner in the dental industry for the last 22 years. He attended University of Pacific (UOP), San Francisco, CA.

His specialties as a dental practitioner include - Filling, Crowns, RCT, Bridge, Wisdom teeth removal, Extractions, Defects & Partial Dentures, etc.

Alongwith his extensive work experience as practitioner in dental domain, he has also been using his healthcare knowledge to volunteer, in treating reserved army soldiers through various channels.

Dr. Klaus prefers a healthy lifestyle, and to do so, maintains a healthy work-life balance. He is a responsible guardian and father to his 3 beautiful boys. He often likes to spend quality time with his family and children, out of his busy schedule. His hobbies include - swimming, eating (seafood), and travelling (beaches).

With his well-seasoned contributions in dental field, Dr. Klaus J. Radtke absolutely aspires to treat his patients diligently, so as to help them to be Happy & Healthy.